Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village

Supported Activity

I. Activity Title: _Villages at Mt. Hood "Community Center"_________________

II. Community Need/Rationale:

The Community Center project will create an additional community building close by the current Mt. Hood Community center (which will continued to be used). The new building will provide space for the Hoodland Library and a large common meeting space for the activities and services needed by the Villages at Mt. Hood. Concept plans include potentially having a gymnasium and indoor recreation facilities as well as meeting and space for the Hoodland Senior Center, the Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime Youth Activity Center, and other community groups

III. Name of leading organization: Women's Club________________ Web site:_________________
      1. Is the organization: incorporated? _XX___community group? ______informal group?____
      2. Leader/coordinator name: _Barbara Saldivar_____________________________________
      3. Leadership group members names:
                     members of the Hoodland Women's Club

IV. What is needed from Clackamas County (agency, resources, standing)?
        Resources: dedication/permitted use of the county land for the building
       Agency: ability to apply for grants

V. Summarize Activities and accomplishments to date.

The Women's Club has made major strides towards getting a new community center building:
  1. Should have a conditional use permit for the County land in the next month
       a. achieved agreement with the county on using the land
       b. held a Town Hall meeting to confirm community support
       c. last step: approval from Salmon Valley Water
  2. reformulated the club as a 501(c)(3) to allow tax deductible donations and make themselves eligible for grants to non-profits
  3. created an alliance with the Mt. Hood Senior Center for usage of the building
  4. have an architect and an initial "footprint"
  5. have started fund raising to pay for the building

VI. How has the Activity been funded to date?
             Volunteers, donations, in-kind services

    How will being "supported" change funding sources?
             Increase ability to get governmental grant


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