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Clackamas County Complete Community
Villages at Mt. Hood BCC Advisory Board
AKA "Village BOD"

2015-0402 Mr. Reeves Resignation Letter from the Villages BOD
2015-0402 Robert Bruce Application to be on the BOD (they appointed him in February)

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Chair 06/2015:
Vice Chair 06/2015:
       What? no secretary? 
Treasurer 02/2015:
grabbed 2018-05
     At-large members
Assigned 2017-05
resigned 2015-0707
muffed by George
not elected 2015-12
assigned 2016-05
resigned 2015-09
George's oops 2015-12

Warning about usage of email addresses listed:!
Note: now I am told that the "Board of Directors" does not really want to receive emails from this site.
Not only that, but Mr. Wilson and Ms. Roth claim folk are too clueless to know that this site is not a county site!

You can sent email to me via the Contact page and I will try to forward emails to the Villages folk, I can't guarantee delivery and I will see it.
Any emails sent should not have any expectation of security/secrecy on the contents of the emails! All emails and correspondence with this site may be logged and *may* become public.
=> Use only for transmittals that you would not mind being on the front page of the Mtn. Times!

According to the "Complete Commuities" ordinance, the purpose of this advisory board is to

give voice to the positions of the community.
The group of people identified as the "Board of Directors" are appointed by the County Commissioners through an an involved process where a "Town Hall meeting" does a straw poll to select from among a Commissioner approved small group.

The Board of Directors *should* provide the Commissioners with community input.
Of course, reality is somewhat different as small town dirty politics combine with egos and hidden agendas to push out any honest folk simply trying to get things done for the community.

The following eamail addresses can be used to reach these folk
This was hard!
It looks like
- gender discrimination,
- women getting
  "assigned terms"
  because "they want it"
is really, really "not good".

Please let me know of any errors, omissions, etc
Chair Wilson has made a hash of things!

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