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Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners
June 28, 2016 Policy meeting

Policy Meeting on the Complete Community "Villages at Mt. Hood"

Villages of the Darned: County Bureauocrats - Keep Carcass Going, Spend Money

  1. Complete Policy Document
  2. Memorandum of Understanding - Mr. Wilson and County Bureauocrats
  3. Paid for Report from Urban Contactor on "Villages" and why the carcus is actually alive
Policy Session Worksheet

 Presentation Date: 6/28/16 Approx. Start Time: 2:30 p.m. Approx. Length: 30 minutes
Presentation Title: Villages at Mt. Hood Board Election and Next Steps
Department: Public and Government Affairs
Presenters: Gary Schmidt and Amy Kyle
Other Invitees:

Seeking direction from the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on
scheduling the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors election and next steps.

The Hamlet and Village Program was initiated in 2006 in response to grassroots efforts by residents to become more involved with county government and to help support their community.

While each hamlet or village has unique goals and activities, they share a common interest in retaining the flavor of their community, promoting activities to benefit the community, working with the County and outside organizations, and providing their residents increased access to (and information about) the County. Each group has a slightly different way of achieving these goals.

The structure of hamlets and villages is composed of community-elected Boards of Directors.
The Villages at Mt. Hood boundary is congruent with those of the Mt. Hood Corridor CPO and the Rhododendron CPO as determined by Clackamas County and includes all residents within the boundary and those who own real property.

In February 2016 the Villages board held a meeting that resulted in feedback to the BCC regarding the functionality of the board and resulted in the resignations of three board members. Because of the number of resignations, the board could no longer meet quorum requirements and therefore could not conduct business. The BCC directed staff to put the board on-hold while community input was gathered that could help determine next steps for the Villages Board.

Public and Government Affairs, with the support of an outside contractor, conducted a survey targeting Village residents, held stakeholder interviews with influential community members and previous Villages board members, and collecting general feedback from the community.

Participants gave insight on barriers to attending Village elections, which PGA can help navigate along with which priorities and topics the Villages board should focus on when they are functioning again.
The stakeholder interviews included 9 participants, most of which had served on the Villages board at some point in time. Suggestions included having more transparent outreach and involvement with the community, working to build trust between the county and community and Villages board and their community, and building a more structured and rigorous election process for new candidates.  

On June 14, 2016 at the request of the two remaining Villages Board members, staff from County Counsel and PGA participated in a mediated discussion led by County Resolution Services. The conversation resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines a process the county could follow to work with the remaining Villages board to appoint two temporary board members to establish a quorum and serve in a capacity strictly to plan and schedule the next Villages Board election. All candidates, including those board members whose terms are expiring would need to submit their application for placement on the ballot. Elections would be scheduled in August. PGA will manage the entire election process.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS (current year and ongoing):
$2000 annual financial support to all Hamlets and Villages, for operational expenses.


  • This item aligns with the Public and Government Affairs Strategic Business Plan goals to provide strategic outreach, engagement and consultation services to county elected officials, departments and community organizations, so they can build public trust and awareness, and achieve their strategic and operational results and Clackamas County residents will be aware of and engaged with county government
  • This item aligns with the County’s Performance Clackamas goals by building public trust through good government

Each Hamlet and Village follows requirements set forth in BCC ordinance and bylaws.

PGA provides resources and staff liaison support and guidance to Hamlet and Village boards and communities. In addition, PGA manages Hamlet and Villages board recruitment and election process.

1. Approve process outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding: appoint an interim. Villages Board and schedule an election for August 2016.
2. Keep the Villages Board on hiatus until further notice.
3. Begin the dissolution process for the Villages at Mt. Hood Board.

Staff recommends:

     1. Option 1, Approve process outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding: appoint an
            interim Villages Board and schedule an election for August 2016.